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Get Your Apps & Integrations To Done!

Build custom Apps and integrate your ERP, WMS, OMS, CRM, and other 3 letter acronyms into your Shopify or BigCommerce stores faster and better.

Rocket Flowz is a platform for building apps and for integrating and exchanging information between Shopify, BigCommerce and 3rd party systems. The App allows developers to easily create private applications and integrations with custom data mapping and business rules. Whether you rely on file transfers via SFTP or Web Services to exchange data, Rocket Flowz has you covered.  

Custom integrations with BigCommerce and Shopify require a separate integration server to be set up, configured, secured and managed....and that's before you even start building your integrations. With Rocket Flowz, simply sign-up and build your integrations on our fully-managed middleware integration platform. Rocket Flowz has pre-built Shopify integrations for Orders, Inventory, Shipments, Status Updates, and Returns. Using these pre-built integrations you can then build the integrations into your backend systems (or have us help you).


Hassle-Free Apps and Integrations for Shopify & BigCommerce

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Why Rocket Flowz?


Quickly build, test and deploy your integrations on our app servers.


Setup custom integration data mapping and processing scripts.


Manage your integrations with enterprise-grade tools. 

How It Works

Integration Point Manager

Setup the integration points that you want between Shopify and your systems. You can:

  • Define your integration types (e.g. inventory, orders, etc.)

  • Define the data fields that will be exchanged

  • Set up your integration end-points and credentials

  • Schedule your integrations.

Integration Point Log

Monitor your integration points to ensure that data is flowing smoothly between your Shopify store and back-end systems. Track exceptions and associated errors so that they can be addressed.


See the status of your integrations on one, easy-to-read dashboard. Metrics, errors, and notifications all in one place.

Alerting & Notifications

Monitor your integration points to ensure that data is flowing smoothly between your Shopify store and back-end systems.


About Us

"E-commerce integrations are easy!"

                           said by nobody ever

Rocket Flowz is built by the e-commerce experts at Accorin. After a LOT of e-commerce deployments across a LOT of different platforms, we've done a LOT of system-to-system integrations and private apps....and have figured out what works and what doesn't. We've taken those learnings and rolled them into Rocket Flowz. 

Integrations (and the apps that rely on them) are complex, take time to develop and test, and must be monitored to ensure that they are working correctly (failures = lost $). Rocket Flowz takes the complexity out of the process and makes integrations a lot easier than doing them as one-off projects. We use Rocket Flowz on our BigCommerce and Shopify projects, now you can too.


Rocket Flowz Integration Types

Rocket Flowz supports the integrations that you need to run your business.


Update Inventory from a 3PL, ERP or WMS system into Shopify​.

Status Updates

Update order statuses from your WMS, ERP or 3PL to Shopify.


Synch orders from Shopify to your ERP system or 3PL.


Update returns from your WMS, ERP or 3PL to Shopify.


Send shipments from your WMS, ERP or 3PL to Shopify.


Add products to Shopify from your PIM or ERP.

Need a custom integration? Our services team can help you get up and running super smoothly.


Request a Rocket Flowz Demo

Want to learn more about how you can use Rocket Flowz to accelerate your Shopify and BigCommerce apps and integrations? Schedule a demo and we can walk you through the platform.

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